Ottu provides a multi-currency payment gateway solution, currency options within currencies exchange enables the merchant to have a resiliency on accepting multi-currencies payment(s) with or without markup fees.

Payment gateway has a built-in currency configuration, i.e., KPAY(PG) default currency is KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar).

Log into Ottu dashboard and launch administration panel by clicking on the three dots located at page right corner.

There are three types of currency configuration: - Currencies. - Currency exchange. - Exchange config.

It is a list of available currencies in Ottu.

Click on Add button to add new currency.

Tick active option, then click save.

Sometimes, merchant(s) prefer to obtain payment in local currency even if the customer is abroad in the merchant's country of operation.Currency exchange is thus the service that helps both the merchant(s) and customer in the process of payment.It enables the customer to pay in his local currency and for the merchant(s) to receive payment money in the preferred currency.There are times when a bank in between the merchant(s) and customer creates a markup amount in order to cover the currency exchange fee.

Click on Add Currency exchange

Insert the required parameters.

Then click on save button.

Payment gateway settings are linked to exchange configuration, since it determines what currency rules should be applied to payment(s).

Click on add exchange config.

Enter the required information and click save.

Operations are not working for foreign currencies.

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